Ok. I have no images i wanna post and no text that i have written to post. So these are some pictures from some time I went to the sea but I don't even remember when it was. But my hair was long and blonder so it must have been some time ago.

Today I have been thinking about how you do shit and then you get to eat shit and work your ass off to make things right.  And there is not much of an option there. You either die or fix it.

All images taken with a Zenit ET.


This shoot was published some time ago on MATERIAL GIRL MAGAZINE. But there are many photos that havent been published anywhere before and because I love them all and I don't like to keep them trashed away on my backup drive I am just uploading them ALL on here.

Model is Volk Kinetshniy, Styling by Gina Pantazi, Makeup and Hair by Aiko Tanaka.
Clothing is Jenn Lee, Brandi Foo, Yohji Yamamoto, Zara Shoes.

All images are courtesy of ROKOVOY
Images are shot with a Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii, Olympus mju II, Zenit ET, Fuji Instax.


hi. i got a broken tooth and a temporarily gimp hand.
i dont know what to write because obviously last time i posted about anything was years ago. 
so im just sharing some photos from last month when the sea looked totally weird and the water was covered in orange foam. 

All photographs are taken with Baby J - (Mamiya 645 TL) and Olympus mju II.
(Pictures by ROKOVOY)